Corporate Travel Management Made Easy

Help your business to simplify corporate travel management.

Managing corporate travel is never easy. From selecting vendors, booking changes, travel policies, health, safety, and security options could be overwhelming. It's time to eliminate all the complexity when arranging your corporate travel reservations, so you can focus on another important tasks.

Find All Your Corporate Travel Needs in One Platform

Find the perfect schedule and price for your travel

Find only trusted hotels on your business travel

The more the merrier! Choose train with the best services for you

All your travel is protected by insurance

We bring simplicity and efficiency to your corporate travel

Multiple Approval Process

Accelerate multiple approval process within one solution

Comprehensive Travel Policy

Comply with your corporate travel policy

Budget & Expenses

Control your budget and expense for every travel

Supplier Management

Provide broad choices for transportation and hotels

Health, Safety & Security

Do your travel with peace on mind

Travel Management Report

Get analytics report for a better insight

Simplified Your Corporate Travel with Opsigo

Power up your corporate travel from planning, booking, approval process and expense management that comply with your corporate travel policies.

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Accelerate your booking process from inquiries, generating tickets and vouchers.

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One stop solution for Integrated travel financial management from invoicing to travel financial reports.

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Powerful Travel Technology Management System is in Your Hands

We trusted our platform to Microsoft Azure to adapt and scale as customers and business workload increases and changes anytime. With Azure as our backbone, we are capable to bring the ultimate services to customers, any time, any devices, through:

Accelerate Innovation with Azure Cloud Native Services, from ideation, development, and releasing features.

Eliminate unneeded task in manually changing and scaling our infrastructure.

Focus on our business code and data, rather than underlying system, so we can bring you a seamless app to use.

Enhance and maximize access control and user security for infrastructure and application to bring peace when you use Opsigo services.

As a SaaS product, Opsigo services can handle every workload with ease and ensuring the uninterrupted user experience.

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Trusted by Partners

Trusted by Partners

Remove all boundaries to simplify your corporate travel reservation. Let’s digitalize and be modernize with Opsigo